Jazz Tunes Belgium is a non-profit initiative launched by a collective of Belgian jazz musicians.

The site doesn't have any commercial intent. It serves a purely educational, cultural and promotional purpose.

The sheet music (and the mention of public links associated with the composers), is placed here in good faith with the formal authorization of the known rightholders.
The site acts in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, RGPD in French).
If a composer expresses his will that some of his works should be removed from the site, his decision will be applied.
If, for a specific work, another rightholder shows up and, with reliable evidence of his rights, objects to the inclusion of the work, it will be immediately removed until all authorizations will be obtained.

All the music on the site is subject to author's rights. Sabam, the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers, is the collecting society responsible for most of the works appearing on the site.

When known, the credits of the photographers are mentioned. Any additional and reliable information in this matter is welcome and will be published.
Like for the sheet music, if a photographer objects to the use of his work, the latter will be removed immediately.

The site is not responsible for the information and contents submitted by third parties, nor for the contents of external websites.

Special thanks to :

- All the composers and right holders who accepted to participate in this project.
- Jacky Lepage, who took care of the layout, Michel Herr for the implementation of the concept and a bunch of musical transcriptions.
- The team of musicians who contacted their colleagues and collected the sheet music : first, the instigator of the project : Ivan Paduart, joined by Nathalie Loriers, Phil Abraham, Fabrice Alleman, Olivier Collette, Diederik Wissels.
- Sabam and its documentation service.
- Jan Dewilde (Library of the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Antwerp).
- Jean-Pol Schroeder (Maison du Jazz de Liège), Marc Van den Hoof and Jean-Marie Hacquier, jazz experts and writers.
- Lambert & Florence Thomas, Anne Verschueren, Caroline Van Dormael, Ella Lallemand & Harry Sluijzer, Brigitte Furnelle & Leila Radoni, Boris Coppieters, Veerle Van de Poel, Laurence Moulin-Fasbender, Alain Debaisieux, Sandra Van Wiele, Richard Rousselet, Anne Wolf, Bart De Nolf.
- The photographers.

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